JVC Offers Dispute Resolution Services to Polygon Members

December 3, 2001

JVC Offers Dispute Resolution Services to Polygon Members

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee will offer its dispute resolution program to members of the Polygon online trading community, announce the organizations. The service will offer Polygon members a second recourse to resolve disputes if Polygon's in-house method is ineffective. Polygon traders buy and sell several million dollars worth of diamonds a day.

"We know some of our cases may need more legal and mediation expertise than we are able to provide inside Polygon," says CEO Jacques Voorhees. JVC deals with more than 400 dispute resolution cases a year, says Cecilia Gardner, executive director and general counsel of the non-profit organization. "Our goal is to successfuly mediate between the two parties to ensure a mutually acceptable resolution," she says. "And in most cases the two parties are willing to do business with each other again as a result of our expertise in this arena."

Though most disputes on Polygon are settled without a problem, says Voorhees, "we wanted to have a comprehensive system in place should the need arise." JVC's program covers violations of industry codes, ethics or standards, karat and carat misrepresentations, gem color, clarity, weight or synthetic misrepresentations, disclosure and other violations of the FTC Guides for the Jewelry Industry, and deceptive practices in advertising and pricing. The program does not mediate or arbitrate bill collection, refund/credit disputes, non-delivery of goods or copyright matters. It will not prevent or replace law enforcement where a pattern of violations occurs and prosecution is the appropriate course of action.

If either party in a dispute believes there's a conflict of interest with JVC, the organization can refer parties to a private alternate dispute resolution service, but the parties will be responsible for the costs. If expert witnesses are needed, costs are also borne by the disputing parties.

For more information, contact Polygon at (800) 221-4435, www.polygon.net or JVC at (212) 997-2002, www.jvclegal.org.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue

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