JA and DDC Team Up

December 6, 2001

JA and DDC Team Up

Jewelers of America and the Diamond Dealers Club, New York City, join forces to offer JA members direct access to DDC. Through the program, retailers can purchase a variety of goods at competitive prices in a secure environment, with a waiver of DDC's daily fee.

"The Diamond Dealers Club lets JA members fill their particular needs, buying an exact mix of goods, without being required to purchase sets or quantities dictated by a manufacturer," says Matthew Runci, JA president and CEO.

"Through this relationship, we look forward to the establishment of ongoing business realtionships between JA members and the DDC," says Jacob Banda, DDC president.

JA retailers will gain access to a DDC buying environment governed by a strict code of ethics and trade rules, with a stringent admissions process. This guarantees confidence in the integrity of buyer and seller.

JA members can also request tours of the club and use its services, which include free lunch at the club's restaurant and an official weighing station.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue

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