Online Sales Up, Many Shop at Work

January 17, 2002

Online Sales Up, Many Shop at Work

Jewelry sales made through internet sources were more likely made at work than at home, according a new consumer sales survey.

About 53% of jewelry and watch sales in 2001 were made using workplace PCs, says comScore Networks, a Reston, VA, research firm. Fully 60% of all online sales by dollar volume were made from PCs at work. Further, work-based purchases were generally higher-ticket items – the average Web sale of any item or service was $165 from a home PC, and increased to $229 when ordered from work.

The study suggest faster connection speeds and at-work convenience contributed to the differences. It also says targeted advertising and promotion would best reach these buyers at work.

Overall Internet sales in 2001 totaled $53 billion, up about 20% over 2000, fueled largely by sales in airline and other travel sectors. Travel led the list of online sales, with 36% of spending in 2001. This is followed by computer hardware (15%); apparel and accessories, including jewelry, (10%); office supplies (8%); consumer electronics (6%) and books (4%).

– by Michael Thompson

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