ICA Announces Disclosure Codes

March 8, 2002

ICA Announces Disclosure Codes

The International Colored Gemstone Association completed development of its N.E.T. protocol for labeling enhancements of colored gemstones. The system will require ICA members to add "N" for natural, "E" for enhanced, or "T" for treated to all gemstone invoices.

The N.E.T. system closely follows the definitions and listings of the CIBJO Gemstone Book. ICA advises members to still use that book for more specific listings of enhancements and treatments.

ICA will issue personal N.E.T. seals to each member, listing the three letters and providing a space for signature. It also advises members to attach a small document to each invoice explaining what the three letters signify.

In a press release, ICA explained its new system was needed because ICA is the only international organization uniting the various sectors of the colored gem industry. The N.E.T. system, it said, will provide a means of disclosure that is universally comprehended and accepted. ICA said the system also is simpler than others available, which will make it easier to comprehend for the public.

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