Blue Sapphire Market Unaffected by Bulk Diffusion

June 10, 2002

Blue Sapphire Market Unaffected by Bulk Diffusion

Normal, pure blue sapphires are not being produced using the bulk diffusion technique affecting other colors of the sapphire market. This critical factor is being missed in the general discussion about sapphire colors achieved so far by the new bulk diffusion technique, says Ken Scarratt, director of the AGTA Gemological Testing Center, New York City.

Scarratt says this point is crucial to know, because any misunderstanding could unnecessarily jeopardize the blue sapphire market.

"The bulk diffusion colors are related to the artificial production of a 'yellow' color that overlays and/or modifies the original body color of the stone," clarifies Scarratt. "These colors are perceived as yellow, orange-pink, orange, orange-red and a greenish-blue hue, similar but not preceisely the same as the Paraiba tourmaline color."

by Robert Weldon, G.G.

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