Platinum Style Trends

June 25, 2002

Platinum Style Trends

The Platinum Guild International-USA, the U.S. marketing arm for the worldwide platinum industry, announced this season's most significant platinum trends. Retailers, take note:

• Engagement rings. Fancy colored diamonds and gemstones were hot, in colors ranging from soft pinks, yellows and baby blues to rich reds, deep greens and royal blues. Three-stone rings remain in vogue as well.

• Wedding bands. Hand-carved designs, filigree and inset stones enhanced this year's offerings. Symbols, engraved initials, pavé settings and woven styles continue to be important.

• Bridal jewelry. Platinum accessories such as heart pendants, religious symbols and nature themes were designated accessories of choice for platinum-happy brides.

• Turquoise and coral. These opaque stones, so popular in modest settings, are also being used in opulent platinum cocktail rings and dangling earrings, often accompanied by diamonds.

• Vintage. The demand for vintage platinum styles continues to grow, harkening back to platinum's previous golden ages, especially Edwardian and Art Deco periods. Designers are often using elements from these design styles to craft contempory interpretations.

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