WGC Fall Ads Show Women Glowing In Gold

July 17, 2002

WGC Fall Ads Show Women Glowing In Gold

The World Gold Council is aiming its fall print ad campaign at self-aware women, aged 25-54, stressing how gold makes women glow – without help from cosmetics, apparel or elaborate hairstyles.

The campaign, which kicks off in September in fashion, luxury and shelter magazInes, depicts bare-shouldered women in natural poses wearing gold, with tag lines reading: "Make-up: none, Hair styling: none, Clothes: none, Jewelry: 18k gold." The ads are intended to strip away many of the clichés of fashion and lifestyle advertising. The lighting in the ads will make the gold glow on the page.

The ads are intended to encourage women to buy gold for themselves, while encouraging a positive attitude toward gold's role in today's fashion trends and tomorrow's styles. WGC also hopes the ads will influence women to suggest gold gifts to the significant others in their lives.

In phase two of the campaign, which appears in November and December, an orange band will appear at the bottom of ads, featuring the name of the gold jewelry designer whose piece is pictured, as well as a retail partner. These co-op partners will have access to other promotion campaign elements, including postcards, countercards, DuraTrans posters and other features.

WGC will provide additional information about its partners on its Web site, www.gold.org. WGC found consumers who seek additional information about the jewelry pictured turn to Web addresses as well as phone numbers.

For more information on the fall campaign, contact WGC, New York City; (212) 317-3800, www.gold.org.

by Peggy Jo Donahue

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