WGC Spots Gold Jewelry Trends

August 5, 2002

WGC Spots Gold Jewelry Trends

The most popular holiday season gold jewelry trends have been announced by the World Gold Council. They include:

• Chains. The necklace and bracelet staples have been spotlighted by Style.com as "classic and new-looking." From flat oval links to amorphous shapes suiting more bohemian buyers, chain styles feature something for everyone.
• Geometric Shapes. Squares, circles, spheres and triangles complement the return to elegance and order seen in fall's more polished apparel. Leading the way are Robert Lee Morris's Tile Collection featuring hammered gold convex squares, and Unoaerre's Bubbles collection featuring multiple circles swirling like bubbles around the neck and wrist.
• High-Karat Textured Surfaces. Examples include satin finishes and brushed gold contrasted with high polish, as in Italian jeweler Nanis's Twist Collection. Gold wire and gold net juxtaposed with smooth finishes exemplify the look in Yvel's Ethiopian Collection.
• Mesh and Woven Gold. The trend toward woven body jewelry that's light and wearable was noted recently by fashion reporter Elsa Klensch, a U.S. judge for the Gold Virtuosi 2 International Design Competition. As typified by goldsmith Yuri Ichihashi, who was the innovator in the category, the style weaves gold threads to produce scarves, wrap bracelets and dangling chandelier earrings.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue

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