Stuller Offers Fall Jewelers Workshop

August 14, 2002

Stuller Offers Fall Jewelers Workshop

Stuller Learning Institute will hold a Fall Jewelers Workshop Oct. 4-6, 2002, at Stuller Inc.'s headquarters in Lafayette, LA. The program allows retail jewelers and other jewelry professionals opportunities to improve bench and sales and marketing skills through demonstrations and workshops presented by recognized experts from the industry and Stuller's staff.

Bench workshops will cover subjects such as casting, engraving, wax carving, stone-setting and repair techniques. Sales and marketing workshops will look at subjects such as merchandise displays, no-cost inventory, public relations, e-business and Jewelers of America's Certification for Sales Associates.

In addition to the workshops, Stuller will feature product displays for attendees to review and purchase. Some items will be offered on a cash-and-carry basis. For items ordered but not inventoried during the weekend, Stuller will ship these items to the customer free of charge during the following week. Some closeouts and special offers will be featured also.

Registration is $125 per person and special hotel and airline travel packages are available for attendees. For more information, call Stuller at (800) 877-7777, ext 2401.

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