AGS Offers Scholarships for Campus Education

September 17, 2002

AGS Offers Scholarships for Campus Education

The American Gem Society is offering $500 scholarships to students interested in furthering their gemological education. The funds may be applied to curriculum offered at the AGS Campus in Las Vegas, NV.

"With education being our strongest commitment at the American Gem Society, we want to give eager individuals the opportunity to advance their gemological studies and their careers," says Ruth Batson, CEO of AGS.

The Bob Speisman Memorial Scholarship Fund has been set up in memory of Bob Speisman, a member of the AGS Board of Directors, AGS Lab Board of Managers and a Robert M. Shipley Award winner, who died on Sept. 11, 2001, when the plane he was on crashed into the Pentagon. Individuals may qualify for up to a $500 scholarship to use for diamond education at the AGS campus.

The Don Hamann Jewelers Mutual Scholarship Fund has also been set up for students interested in education on the AGS campus. Students may qualify for up to $500 for any educational program given at the AGS campus.

The AGS Fund Committee awards the scholarships. The limit is one grant per applicant in a one-year period. To qualify for a scholarship, applicants must be an employee of an AGS member firm or an independent retail jeweler. Applicants must also currently be active and have at least one-year experience in the retail/wholesale jewelry industry.

For those interested in making a donation to further the studies of enthusiastic individuals, contact AGS, Las Vegas, NV; (702)255-6500,

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