Basel Parent Taps Kamm as CEO

September 20, 2002

Basel Parent Taps Kamm as CEO

The board of directors of MCH Swiss Exhibition Ltd. appointed René Kamm as CEO and Kurt Frischknecht as COO of Swiss Exhibition beginning January 2003. Swiss Exhibition is the company formed by the merger of Basel Exhibition and Zurich Exhibition, formerly known as Messe Basel and Messe Zurich. Current CEO Jurg Bohni and current COO Hanspeter Meyer will exercise their early retirement options. The two will remain available to the CEO and the group management as consultants until their respective 60th birthdays in spring 2003.

Kamm, 42, joined Messe Basel in June 1999 as head of the Global Exhibitions Division, which includes Basel, the World Watch and Jewellery Show, and the international art show, Art Basel. Frischknecht, 48, joined the company in November 1999 as head of the European Exhibitions Division, which includes more than two dozen Swiss Exhibition events.

Along with Kamm and Frischknecht, the members remaining in the group management of Swiss Exhibition are: Markus Haering, CFO; Ueli Born, general manager/services; and Peter Holenstein, head of exhibition and convention centers division.

After his retirement, Hanspeter Meyer will remain chairman of the management of the Zurich Exhibition until the end of December 2004, primarily dealing with representative tasks. The proposed members of the board of Zurich Exhibition are Haering (current) as well as Kamm and Frischknecht (both new).

The board of directors of Basel Exhibition will include new members Kamm, chairman, and Frischknecht, as well as Haering (current). The election of the boards of directors of both subsidiaries will be held at the extraordinary general meetings of shareholders of Basel Exhibition and Zurich Exhibition in December 2002.

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