EGL Offers Rough Diamond Course in Vancouver

October 8, 2002

EGL Offers Rough Diamond Course in Vancouver

European Gemological Laboratory, a member of the EGL USA group, will offer a five-day Rough Diamond Course in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Nov. 25 - 29. EGL is the only gem lab in North America grading rough diamonds.

The Rough Diamond Course will comprise the study of diamond geology and indicator minerals for mining purposes; typomorphic features (origin of rough diamonds); crystallography (the study of atomic structure); and morphology (the study of shape and surface features), based on the work of Russian mineralogist Orlov, who created the system to type diamonds by their external features. Two days of the course will be dedicated to practical study, including grading, evaluating and pricing rough diamonds. The cost for the course is $2,300 (Canadian). Enrollment is limited to 12 participants.

The course is being taught by Elena Semenets, M.Sc., F.C.GmA, FGA, EGL mineralogist and rough diamond specialist; Donna Hawrelko, F.C.GmA, FGA, chief examiner for Canada, Canadian Gemmological Association; John Mattinson, B.Sc., G.G., supervisor of the diamond laboratory at EGL Vancouver; and Branko Deljanin, B.Sc., FGA, D.U.G., director of EGL Canada.

According to Deljanin, this is the first rough diamond course to be offered in Vancouver. It is geared to diamond miners, dealers, wholesalers and gemologists. No previous gemology background is required. For security purposes the Vancouver teaching venue will not be announced.

EGL USA is headquartered in New York City with offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto. For more information, contact Donna Hawrelko at (604) 926-2599 or or Branko Deljanin at (604) 980-0475 or

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