Supersized Jewelry Is Hot

October 15, 2002

Supersized Jewelry Is Hot

The Wall Street Journal reports large, chunky accessories, including jewelry, are the thing to have for fashionable women. While embracing huge handbags, long scarves that could "cover a horse," and big belts, says WSJ, women are eschewing delicate styles in jewelry.

The newspaper cited large pendants, big square rings from David Yurman worn on the index finger, chunky turquoise jewelry, fat bangles and elaborate earrings. WSJ credits gypsy, Indian and Gothic looks for the return of sizable jewelry. Trend watchers say men are getting in on the act with oversized watches, heavier rings and neck chains.

In London, an epicenter for trends, fashionable jewelry stores feature large crosses and bold, colorful rings made with affordable gems, reports WSJ.

Many women wearing the bolder accessories say they are using them to spice up older clothes and the conservative apparel currently in fashion.

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