DTC Adds More to Holiday Campaign

November 26, 2002

DTC Adds More to Holiday Campaign

To quell fears of a lackluster holiday season, De Beers' Diamond Trading Co. announced Nov. 25 it is again adding to its holiday promotion campaign with a sweepstakes and new Seize the Day ads in the week before Christmas.

"The Full Contact Romance Sweepstakes" is a couple-oriented sweepstakes designed to generate excitement for diamonds during the holidays. Until Jan. 1, consumers can visit adiamondisforever.com and enter a contest to win diamond jewelry for her, and Super Bowl tickets or TiVo for him.

The sweepstakes is being advertised in publications such as Bloomberg, Business Week, People, Sports Illustrated and USA Today, as well as with online banners on Yahoo. In addition, a postcard promoting the sweepstakes is being mailed to approximately 150,000 affluent households.

The postcard and ad look similar to those in the Seize the Day campaign and read: "He wins football tickets, she wins diamonds," with details about the sweepstakes. The online banner features a football and reads "You Get to Look at Them From the FIfty Yard Line. Click here to win tickets to the Super Bowl" along with the logo for adiamondisforever.com.

The "Countdown to Christmas" Seize the Day ads will appear Dec. 19 through Dec. 24. These half-page ads aimed at men in the week before Christmas will be seen in newspapers in the top 25 markets, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Diamond jewelry featured in the ads will include three-stone diamond anniversary rings, a three-stone diamond necklace, diamond ear studs and a diamond solitaire necklace. The ad copy reads:

• 6 Days till Christmas ... It's Officially Time to Panic.
• 5 Days till Christmas ... She Still Thinks You're Hiding Her Present at Work.
• 4 Days till Christmas ... Your Procrastination Has Led You Here.
• 3 Days till Christmas ... You, Wrapped in a Bow, Won't Cut It.
• 2 Days till Christmas ... Keeping that Smug Smile Off Your Face Is Gonna Be Tough.

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