Jewelry Among Top 10 Products Thanksgiving Weekend

December 4, 2002

Jewelry Among Top 10 Products Thanksgiving Weekend

Jewelry landed in sixth place among the top 10 products purchased over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to a holiday shopping follow-up survey conducted by Britt Beamer of America's Research Group, Charleston, SC.

Items purchased more often than jewelry were toys, perfume, jeans, video games and sporting goods. Selling less well, but still in the top 10, were linens, children's clothes, sweaters and outerwear.

The survey also turned up other trends jewelers can use to their advantage. Following are tips, based on the survey's results:
• Offer Excellent Service: Shoppers complained to ARG that they were "hopeless" in their effort to find available store personnel. Long lines and crowded stores were also mentioned.
• Target Men Earlier: Though male shoppers have the reputation of waiting until the last minute, the survey showed more than twice the number of men shopped this Thanksgiving weekend compared to previous years.
• Keep Advertising: Nearly half of shoppers last weekend report they shopped at stores that advertised. Also, most consumers visited only two to four stores. Only a small percentage visited seven or more. Advertising can help you make their lists.
• Sell Up: A third of Black Friday shoppers spent over their budgets. This means consumers might be convinced to buy larger pieces than originally planned. It's worth a try.

by Peggy Jo Donahue

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