Golden Globe Diamond Jewelry Trends

January 21, 2003

Golden Globe Diamond Jewelry Trends

Actresses attending the 60th annual Golden Globes in Los Angeles on Jan. 19 made their diamond choices reflecting several popular trends in diamond jewelry, reports the Diamond Information Center. The most frequently worn styles were large diamond pendants, fancy shaped diamonds and colored diamonds.

Large Diamond Pendants
Catherine Zeta-Jones opted for a 50-ct. diamond Asscher-cut pendant by Fred Leighton. Halle Berry wore a 30-ct. blue diamond pear-shaped pendant by Harry Winston. Sharon Stone wore a diamond choker layered over an Edwardian diamond triangle pendant on a diamond chain by Neil Lane.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds
Along with Berry's pear-shaped blue diamond pendant, blue diamond ring and blue diamond earrings, Renée Zellweger and Lisa Kudrow flashed marquise diamond rings. Kristin Davis, Joan Rivers and several actors' spouses appeared in pear-shaped diamond jewelry. Emerald cuts were also popular with several attendees.

Colored Diamonds
From the very rare pink and blue to brilliant yellow and orange, these pastel gems are Hollywood's diamond favorites. Among those showing their colors: Megan Mullally, a pink diamond; Faye Dunaway, a fancy pink diamond ring; and Joan Rivers, fancy intense yellow-and-white diamond suite.

Among other trends in diamond jewelry were diamond bracelets in cuff, tennis and mesh styles. Dangling earrings in waterfall and other drop styles also continue to be popular choices.

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