New York City DA Aims at Jewelers

March 6, 2003

New York City DA Aims at Jewelers

The Manhattan District Attorney's office is serving subpoenas to New York City jewelry manufacturers and retailers as it expands its search for tax avoidance and non-payment.

According to a report in the March 6 New York Post, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is in search of sales invoices that could point to buyers receiving special treatment from manufacturers and retailers to avoid paying required sales taxes.

The newest investigation is related to the October action where jewelry manufacturer Andreas Von Zadora-Gerlof pleaded guilty to fraudulently claiming he was a resident of the state of Washington to avoid paying local taxes, according to the Post report. Von Zadora-Gerlof was accused of evading $650 in city and state taxes. Officials released no names of jewelers being investigated in this latest action.

by Michael Thompson

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