DTC Pulls Ad Due to War

March 19, 2003

DTC Pulls Ad Due to War

De Beers' Diamond Trading Co. pulled a Mother's Day ad from its Seize the Day campaign of simple black and white ads. The ad's tagline, "The mother of all Mother's Day gifts," is accompanied by a photo of a three-stone ring, reports the Wall Street Journal. The ad was too closely associated with Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's phrase "the mother of all battles." Instead the company will run an ad that reads "Somewhere she went from the girl of your dreams to the love of your life."

DTC has brought back its "Hands" commercial, a television spot created after the 9/11 attacks. The ad shows a younger couple admiring the love between an elderly couple holding hands as they walk in a park. "It's a message people can find reassuring and comforting during these times," Richard Lennox, director of the DTC account at ad agency J. Walter Thompson told WSJ.

The changes in DTC's ad campaign were prompted by an online poll of 500 consumers conducted in February by JWT. It showed the possibility of war is elevating anxiety levels.

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