Oscar Tones Down

March 24, 2003

Oscar Tones Down

The show went on for the 75th Annual Academy Awards, despite the start of the war in Iraq, tightened security and less emphasis on star glitz. The cancellation of the red carpet walk meant a lower profile for the apparel and jewelry makers who typically vie to dress and accessorize nominees and attendees.

The biggest jewelry statement this year was made by Henry Dunay's 18k Dove of Peace pin. Nominee and presenter Meryl Streep (who also wore a large emerald necklace) reportedly started the peace-pin movement, urging others to wear the pin to the awards show. The pin was seen on award winners Adrien Brody and Chris Cooper, nominee Kathy Bates and others.

Though the toned-down coverage blunted the impact of the diamond anniversary aspect of the show, it couldn't eclipse it. Best Actress winner Nicole Kidman wore large diamond chandelier earrings, and nominees Bates, Diane Lane, Queen Latifah sparkled as well. Bates donned a diamond necklace, Lane wore large diamond dangles and Latifah chose diamonds for her dangling earrings and her necklace. Along with diamonds, green made the scene – Streep was joined in emeralds by nominee Julianne Moore, who wore them in popular chandelier-style earrings.

Apparel choices were more subdued, with black prevailing in gown choices. As with jewelry, green placed a strong second. Past winner Marcia Gay Harden wore turquoise, while presenter Jennifer Lopez wore minty green (with perplexingly matching eye shadow).

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