GIA Adds G.J. Diploma Program to June Schedule

May 5, 2003

GIA Adds G.J. Diploma Program to June Schedule

The Gemological Institute of America added an additional Graduate Jeweler diploma program to its 2003 academic schedule. GIA's intensive six-month G.J. diploma program begins June 12 at the main campus in Carlsbad, CA, and concludes Dec. 12. The new program is filling quickly, only 10 seats remain available.

"We'd like prospective students to know that nearly all of our remaining 2003 on-campus classes and programs are filled, and spaces are being reserved in the 2004 schedule," said Brook Ellis, GIA's vice president of education.

In GIA's G.J. program, students prepare for careers as professional bench jewelers or jewelry production managers. Coached one-on-one by GIA instructors, projects go from start to finish in a progressive cumulative skill format, as if apprenticing in a trade shop environment. For six months, successful bench techniques are covered, and students practice at their own bench equipped with a torch, power hand tools, and a tool kit. One-on-one coaching from GIA experts gives students the confidence and experience to take the education a step further into the job market.

The hands-on G.J. curriculum is divided into four topic areas: metal working and fabrication, jewelry repair, stone setting, and gold and precious metal qualities. Students become familiar working with the properties of precious metals. The program instructs how to melt, pour, roll, form and solder metals; and how to make bezels, fabricate heads, repair hinges and clasps, and create open links. Practice is obtained in using sawing and torch techniques. Laser welding technology is covered. A working knowledge of gemstones is gained, and students become skilled at setting stones by working with a variety of mounting styles, settings and fancy cuts.

In addition to the new session, there are two more G.J. programs scheduled in 2003. The August program is full, and in October there are only three seats remain.

To enroll, call GIA Education at (800) 421-7250, ext. 4001; (760) 603-4001 outside the U.S. and Canada or enroll online.

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