Hong Kong Association Offers Plan for JCK Show

May 12, 2003

Hong Kong Association Offers Plan for JCK Show

The Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association issued a release May 10 detailing its voluntary plans for safeguarding exhibitors and attendees at The JCK Show-Las Vegas from SARS.

HKJMA says it offered show organizers the following plan:

• Hong Kong exhibitors will undergo blood tests and X-rays prior to departing and will bring the medical reports with them.
• All exhibitors will have their temperatures taken at the Hong Kong International Airport as part of the government's program; anyone running a fever will not board a U.S.-bound flight.
• Exhibiting staff will arrive in the U.S. 10 days before the show opens.
• Prior to attending the show, exhibitors will obtain an additional medical clearance from a designated U.S. physician.
• Every day of show attendance, exhibitors would have their body temperatures taken twice a day and records collected.
• HKJMA will have a U.S. physician on site to handle any questions about SARS.

JCK show officials have not commented or released any information regarding the affect the SARS situation may have on the show since late in April. At that time, show officials said they were following World Health Organization guidelines and would allow exhibitors from SARS-affected regions to participate in the show. Show officials said plans were in place for additional precautions, though no more detail was given.

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