JCK and Vicenza Unveil SARS Policies

May 13, 2003

JCK and Vicenza Unveil SARS Policies

The JCK Show-Las Vegas, May 30-June 3, will admit exhibitors and visitors from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan to the show after they complete a series of pre-show health checks to prevent the spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Hong Kong, China and Taiwan are named in a SARS travel advisory issued by the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA). The Vicenza Fair is canceling exhibitor groups and trade delegations from China, Hong Kong and Singapore due to SARS for its June 7-12 Vicenzaoro 2 trade show.

The JCK Show issued the health guidelines after fielding inquiries regarding health and safety concerns due to SARS from its exhibitors and attendees, according to David Bonaparte, vice president, JCK Shows. The guidelines require all exhibitors and visitors to the JCK Show to:

• Arrive in the U.S. from Hong Kong, mainland China or Taiwan at least 10 days prior to the day they wish to register at the JCK Show. During that time, these visitors should pay close attention to their health status and contact a doctor immediately if any symptoms occur. The main symptoms of SARS are fever greater than 100.4°F or 38°C, dry cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties.

• Have a U.S.-based health check administered 48 hours prior to entering the premises of the show. The JCK Show has contracted with several Family Medical Group clinics in Las Vegas to handle these checks, which will cost $20. A free shuttle will be available between the clinics and various Las Vegas locations. All visitors must bring passports to prove their date of entry into the U.S. or other countries outside of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

• Present a certificate of health provided by the clinic in Las Vegas prior to registering at a designated location at the show.

JCK Show personnel, health management specialists and security staff, will strictly enforce the procedures and precautions onsite. Medical personnel will be available at the show for any exhibitor or visitor who begins to feel ill, says JCK Show management.

"We have a significant contingent participating in The JCK Show from Hong Kong and the Hong Kong government has endorsed and supported the steps being taken," Bonaparte stated in a fax sent to all exhibitors and preregistered attendees. "We wish to commend our overseas exhibitors and attendees from travel advisory areas for their cooperation in adopting these additional safety measures, which allows them to remain on the general show floor."

The cancellation of exhibitor groups from China, Hong Kong and Singapore for Vicenzaoro 2 was a mutual decision between the fair and the affected exhibitors. Trade delegations to Vicenzaoro 2 from these countries called off their trips. Vicenza Fair organizers also canceled the Luxury China exhibition that was scheduled for Shanghai, China, in September 2003, in collaboration with Messe Munchen, a German trade fair group. "We hope that our pavilions shall soon be able to welcome all those exhibitors from areas that have been hit by [SARS], who, it is worth noting, represent an important segment of the world's jewelry sector," said Andrea Turcato, secretary general of the Vicenza Fair, in a prepared statement posted on the fair's Web site.

by Peggy Jo Donahue

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