Jewelry Crimes Lead to Deaths

August 8, 2003

Jewelry Crimes Lead to Deaths

Two jewelers and a robber died in jewelry store crimes in late July.

Two Vietnamese jewelry store owners, a husband and wife, were shot and killed July 25 in Sacramento, CA, according to a bulletin posted by the Jewelers' Security Alliance, New York City. The suspect, described as a young Asian male, posed as a customer in the store for two hours. The owners took him to the back of the store to look at a diamond. He shot them and fled.

Five days later in Pompano Beach, FL, four masked men forced their way into another family jewelry store, where one robber was shot and killed by the owner's son, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The store's staff was unharmed.

Alfredo "Rafael" Guido, the owner of Jewelry Francy's and Fancy's Fashion in Pompano Beach, was buzzing in a client through his locked door when one of the masked men jammed the door open with his foot. Meliton Guido, Alfredo's son, grabbed a 9mm handgun from behind the counter and hid behind the cash register. One thief pointed a gun at Alfredo's head while another fired at Meliton but missed. When Meliton fired back he hit an unarmed masked man. The robbers tried to escape but the buzzer-equipped door had relocked, trapping them. Meliton hit the buzzer and the men fled, leaving behind the injured thief. The wounded man died at the hospital.

After the incident, members of the Guido family said they remembered seeing four men casing the store the previous week and an eyewitness recalled seeing the robber who was killed as a passenger earlier that day in a green car in the parking lot.

by Cara Newsham

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