WGC Sponsors Mark Montano's Spring 2004 Show

September 9, 2003

WGC Sponsors Mark Montano's Spring 2004 Show

The World Gold Council announced a partnership with fashion designer Mark Montano to accessorize his Spring 2004 Collection entitled "Modern Day Saints" with real gold jewelry. The fashion show will be held in the tent at Bryant Park at the 7th on Sixth Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week on Friday, September 12 at 8 p.m.

This season Mark Montano was inspired by what he says is gold's warmth and history. For the "Modern Day Saints" Spring 2004 collection, Montano will be featuring modern gold jewelry styles provided by the WGC. "As I began designing the spring line," says Montano, "I knew I wanted to use gold jewelry. It has been around since classical times and has an ancient association to powerful and saintly women. By using today's fashion-forward, yet affordable gold jewelry, I can express the emotional connections that gold inspires in today's women and enhance this sexy, bold and empowered fashion collection. The modern day saint can proclaim her own style and buy her own gold jewelry."

Gold jewelry from multiple designers and manufacturers will be included in the show, and the pieces will range from mass manufactured link chain to one-of-a-kind designer cuffs. A total of 33 looks will be completely accessorized with gold jewelry.

Fashion designer Mark Montano designs a signature collection of "downtown couture" which he says celebrates the "quirky flavor" of New York's East Village in lower Manhattan, where he has his flagship boutique and home. The youngest member ever to be inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America, this Colorado native's creative life began at the young age of 14 when he began designing funky clothing for his mother. Younger consumers know Montano from his monthly column "Cool Room" in Cosmo Girl Magazine and a best selling book "Super Suite," a collection of 15 room makeovers of real teenagers. The designer also has a syndicated column for Knight Ridder Newspapers "Make your Mark!" Montano is joining television channel TLC's most successful home redecorating show "While You Were Out!" premiering November 28.

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