WGC Unveils Fall Ad Campaign

September 11, 2003

WGC Unveils Fall Ad Campaign

World Gold Council's fall 2003 consumers ads will stress its new "Speak Gold" global message, according to executives who unveiled the over $4 million U.S. campaign on Sept. 10 in New York City. The ads feature emotion-driven photos of women enjoying their gold jewelry in lifestyle settings, such as in a cab, while getting dressed or with loved ones.

Copy includes the new "Speak Gold" logo at the bottom, along with a single word at the top that coordinates with the photo, such as: dressed, treat, glow, love, cherish and desire. Each one of the well-chosen words has one letter made out of a piece of gold jewelry. A line of copy coordinates with the lifestyle photo and word. In the "dressed" ad, for example, the copy reads: "You're not fully dressed without beautiful gold jewelry from...".

The council has three major retail partners for the ad campaign: Finlay Enterprises, which runs leased jewelry services for department stores such as Lord & Taylor, Marshall Fields and Bloomingdale's; Sterling Jewelers, which runs Kay stores and Jared's superstores; and Zale Corp., which is primarily coordinating the ads with its Bailey, Banks & Biddle division.

The campaign is primarily in print and will begin appearing in October issues of magazines such as Glamour, Vogue, Self, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar, Lucky, Bon Appetit, House Beautiful, Elle, Jewelry Connoisseur and Marie Claire. All these magazines feature readers who match WGC's profiles of the most avid female consumers of gold jewelry, who they have dubbed Passionate Indulgents and Chic Stylists. The council is also discussing how to launch advertising on TV, radio and on outdoor media, which was very successful for it during last year's consumer campaign.

WGC's public relations campaign to coordinate with the ad campaign includes the Sept. 12 sponsorship of designer Mark Montano's fashion show during New York Fashion Week (see Daily News, Sept. 9). The group is also working to reach teens and younger women through outreach to young people's celebrity role models. Though the council is promoting both white and yellow gold in its ads, the celebrity placements are expected to use yellow gold, so that viewers understand the jewelry is gold.

The entire "Speak Gold" campaign also has a website, www.speakgold.com, which is listed in the WGC's consumer print ads. By clicking on the jewelry featured, consumers can find the closest retailer, by state, that carries those pieces. The site also links to WGC's online consumer magazine, www.goldinspirations.com, as well as its home website, www.gold.org.

Finally, retailers looking for sales training information can go to www.goldprofitguide.com, where they can learn strategies to increase gold sales. The site uses the latest interactive technology and is updated each business day. It also includes a portfolio of new gold jewelry fashions, daily gold prices, key research and online polls. The site was built and is hosted by VNU Business Publications, publishers of National Jeweler magazine.

by Peggy Jo Donahue

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