DTC Aims at Men's Gift Purchases for Holiday 2003

October 6, 2003

DTC Aims at Men's Gift Purchases for Holiday 2003

The Diamond Trading Co. and its U.S. marketing arm, J. Walter Thompson, have unveiled plans to support diamond jewelry sales for the holiday season of 2003. Last year, diamond jewelry sales in the fourth quarter were 16% better than those in the same period of 2001. DTC and JWT say they are undertaking a "significant augmentation of their media spend" this year to send sales even higher than last year's levels.

JWT designed the "Celebrate Her" program for 2003 to tie in to past marketing successes such as the three-stone ring, solitaire and the diamond right-hand ring programs. The campaign is a call-to-action for men. "It showcases diamonds as the gift to express what she means to you," says Richard Lennox, director in charge of the diamond group at JWT. "After the success of 'Declaration' theme in 2002 where the industry saw a 16% increase from the year before, our team was challenged to not only come up with a campaign that continued this success, but one that would be relevant to American consumers and the way they are feeling."

JWT will continue its succesful "Seize the Day" concept to communicate the larger "Celebrate Her" theme. These TV spots will begin airing Nov. 1 and run through the end of 2003. Ads will appear in two national and 15 regional newspapers through December. In addition, 15 male-targeted magazines, including Men's Health, Forbes and Sports Illustrated, will carry the ads. Ad copy includes:
• God Created Woman. Then After Several Million Years of Practice, He Created Yours.
• You Got Her, She Got You. You Might Want to Do Something Before That Sinks In.
• This Christmas Show Her How You Feel The Other 364 Days Of The Year.

The "Faces" concept also ties in to the male gift-giving theme. The TV spot shows a man in walking through a European city during the holiday season. Everywhere he looks he sees the face of the same woman. Then he examines a gift of diamond earrings in his pocket. He finally reaches a bridge, and there is the woman, his wife, waiting. The voiceover says, "This Christmas? Celebrate the only one person in the world for you." For marketing materials and more information, go to dps.org.

by Robert Weldon, G.G.

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