Gemesis and IGI Team Up to Disclose

December 16, 2003

Gemesis and IGI Team Up to Disclose

Gemesis, the company that produces lab-grown diamonds, will submit all of its created diamonds over 0.25 carat to the International Gemmological Institute for identification.

Each stone will be laser-inscribed and documented. "Gemesis created" will appear on the stone's girdle along with a serial number that will be stored in IGI's database and matches the lab's identification report number, says a Gemesis press release. IGI, New York City, also developed a specific "lab-created" identification report for Gemesis, Sarasota, FL. The report includes cut, dimensions, weight, and a photo illustration.

Laboratory-grown diamonds have virtually all the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics of their natural counterparts. Gemesis produces a relatively small amount of fancy intense to fancy vivid yellow diamonds up to two carats. Retailers and consumers without gemological training don't have a basis on which to separate natural from synthetic diamonds. This creates a potential erosion of confidence in natural fancy color diamonds.

Gemesis and IGI say the laser inscription and accompanying data will largely eliminate those concerns. "Our customers rely on IGI to provide the correct identification of all precious gemstones," says Jerry Ehrenwald, IGI president and CEO. "In today's market, our clients cannot afford any erosion of consumer trust. By providing this service to Gemesis, we continue to assist and protect both jewelers and consumers."

During the past month, a handful of retailers across the U.S. started selling jewelry designs containing Gemesis diamonds. David Hellier of Gemesis says some inventory already available for sale at jewelry retailers has been sent back for the laser inscription and certification. "Our retail partners are all disclosing the lab grown origin of these diamonds, as required," says Hellier. "If a customer wants to have a Gemesis diamond they bought inscribed retroactively, we would address that request positively."

Hellier says Gemesis carefully parcels out the diamonds under 0.25 carat (which are not laser inscribed or receive certificates ). "These are reserved exclusively for our retail partners on a selected basis," he says. "Because our partners are fully disclosing each and every product they sell, we feel it is not a problem."

by Robert Weldon, G.G.

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