DTC's Shorter Sightholder List for 2004

January 13, 2004

DTC's Shorter Sightholder List for 2004

The Diamond Trading Co. confirmed its 2004 list of clients, called sightholders, on Jan. 13. The list is 20% shorter than previously, which DTC attributes to its reduced share of the rough diamond market. DTC says its chosen customers, part of its Supplier of Choice initiative, were those that share its vision of a growing market for diamond jewelry. It lauded its clients' skills in the craft of cutting and polishing diamonds as well as a proven expertise in marketing and distributing rough and polished diamonds.

"The DTC believes that its enterprising and pro-competitive approach to client selection, embodied in Supplier of Choice, represents a great opportunity for the many successful business models in the diamond industry," DTC says in a prepared statement. "The new list reflects this in that it includes a wide range of differing business models, including both large and small players, manufacturing and dealing orientated businesses, companies that use a full range of diamonds and those that are highly focused on specific goods. What all these clients have in common is a commitment to driving demand for diamonds, a passion for protecting the integrity of our rare product, a shared vision regarding the future of our industry and a track record of achievement."

The new list includes 10 companies either new to the sightholder system or returning after a break, and these are spread across the diamond trading and cutting centers, says DTC. De Beers, via DTC, will continue to provide its Diamdel division worldwide with rough diamonds for direct sale to diamond manufacturers who are not on the sightholder list, says DTC. With Diamdel, De Beers aims to provide support for the major diamond centers and encourage new and innovative smaller diamond businesses to grow.

DTC addressed the issue of clients that lost their sightholder status. "This is in no way a criticism of a client's business, but is due, in almost all cases, to competition for limited supplies of particular goods," says its statement. "Many of these companies have been clients of ours for a long time," says Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of De Beers. "We have each benefited from good commercial and personal relationships and we continue to hold them in the highest esteem."

"DTC is committed to the health of the diamond industry and its future growth," says Gareth Penny, DTC sales and marketing director and architect of the Supplier of Choice plan. "Supplier of Choice is already bearing fruit as we see a second strong year of growth in consumer demand for diamonds."

"We are looking forward to working with our sightholders in a way that can transform the diamond jewelry market, creating excitement and new customer demand. This is about a future in which the sales of diamond jewelry will fully reflect the preeminence of diamonds, one of nature's rarest treasures, as symbols of enduring love and ultimate success, said Gary Ralfe, managing director of De Beers.

Sightholders are:
A. Dalumi Diamonds Ltd., A. Schwartz & Sons Diamonds Ltd., A.M.C. Bvba, Arjav Diamonds NV, Asian Star Co Limited, Astra Diamond Manufacturers Ltd.

B. Vijaykumar & Co., Bhavani Gems, Blue Star, Bornstein NV

C Mahendra Exports, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co. Ltd., Classic Diamonds (India) Ltd.

D. Navinchandra & Co., DD Manufacturing NV, Dali Diamond Co. NV, De Toledo Diamonds Ltd., Diacor International Ltd., Diamanthandel A.Spira Bvba, Diarough NV, Digico Holdings Ltd., Dilipkumar V. Lakhi, Dimexon Diamonds Ltd., Dynamic Diamond Corp.

E.F.D. Ltd., Ema Diamond Manufacturing Ltd., Eurostar Diamond Holdings SA

Fabrikant & Salant Group, Festdiam Cutting Works (Pty) Ltd., Fruchter Gad Diamonds Ltd.

Geffens Diamond Cutting Works (Pty) Ltd., Gembel European Sales NV

Hasenfeld-Stein Inc.

Inter Gems-Claes NV

J.B. Diamonds, Jayam NV, Julius Klein Diamonds LLC

K. Girdharlal, K.P. Sanghvi & Sons, Karp Impex Limited, KGK Enterprises, Krochmal & Cohen DCW (Pty) Ltd.

L.I.D. Ltd., Laxmi Diamond, Lazare Kaplan International Inc., Lili Diamonds, Livingstones, Louis Glick and Co.

M. Suresh & Co., Mahendra Brothers, Michael Werdiger Inc., Mohit Diamonds Impex Private Ltd., Moti Ganz

Navin Gems

Overseas Diamonds NV

P D Kothari & Co., Pluczenik Diamond Co. NV, Premier Diamond Cutting Ltd., Premier Gem Corp.

R.T. Diamond Pvt. Ltd, Rand Precision Cut Diamonds (Pty) Limited, Ratilal Becharlal & Sons, Richold SA, Rosy Blue (India) Pvt. Ltd., Rosy Blue NV

S Vinodkumar & Co., Sanghavi Exports, Schachter & Namdar Polishing Works, Ltd., Sheetal Manufacturing Co., Shree Ramkrishna Export, Shrenuj &Co., Limited, Smolensk State Unitary Co. Kristall Production Corp., Star Diamond Group (SDG) BV, Suashish Diamonds Ltd., Sundiamond Bvba, Supergems Holdings Ltd., Suresh Brothers

Tache Co. NV, Tasaki Shinju Co. ltd., Trau Bros NV, Venus Jewel

Vijaydimon Bvba

Yahalomei Espeka International Ltd., Yerushalmi Brothers Diamond Ltd.

DTC will supply goods to these industrial clients:
• Henri Polak Diamond Corp.
• Lieber and Solow Ltd.
• Saint-Gobain Abrasives Ltd.-L M Van Moppes & Sons.

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