AJDC launches Site

January 16, 2004

AJDC launches Site

The American Jewelry Design Council, through the sponsorship of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., has launched ajdc.org. AJDC is a nonprofit organization which recognizes and promotes the understanding of original jewelry design as art. Comprised of 32 designers who create and distribute their work in the North American market, the group is committed to raising awareness of the aesthetic value of fine jewelry through educational activities, the exchange of ideas, the exploration of new technologies and the development of networks benefiting individuals and the jewelry industry.

The site includes an introduction to AJDC designers, including profiles and images of each member's signature work with links to individual sites. Also included are pages devoted to fulfillment of the group's mission through the annual New Designer Competition, the Benne Award and the annual Design Project. Archived images of each annual project are featured from 1995 through the present.

In 2001 Jewelers Mutual agreed to provide funds to AJDC to raise awareness of its activities to the industry and consumers.

"The Web site was within our capability as a group, could be funded within the sponsorship budget, and our sponsor would benefit through exposure to the AJDC audience," says Ron Hartgrove, AJDC president "Not only would it provide an excellent presentation of our images and mission, it is perfect for promoting our talent competition, upcoming museum exhibitions, and annual projects. It is international in scope and has no expiration date."

"We're pleased to partner with the American Jewelry Design Council to facilitate the better understanding of precious jewelry art and to provide the professional knowledge required to properly insure these valuable items," says Ron Harder, Jewelers Mutual president and CEO.

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