Ears Have it at Golden Globes

January 26, 2004

Ears Have it at Golden Globes

The dangle earring replaced the once-dominant chandelier as the ubiquitous jewelry on the red carpet at the first major show business awards show of the year, the 2004 Golden Globe Awards. Soft, light colored gowns were running plunging-neckline-with-plunging-neckline with classic black and gray dresses, and were most often set off by diamonds, though some pale colored gems matched the parade of pastel dresses. Necklaces were not often seen, though bracelets were quite popular.

The diamond dangles varied in length, and the choices in different lengths usually broke down along generational lines. The long diamond dangle was a favorite of established actresses in their 30s and 40s, seen most notably on "Sex and the City"'s Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis as well as Jennifer Aniston. Catherine Zeta-Jones added some zip with diamond briolettes hanging from a colored gemstone on her ear. Younger entertainers such as ingenue Brittany Murphy and television personality and pop warbler Jessica Simpson opted for smaller, shorter and almost demure diamonds drops. Large on-the-ear earrings were worn by Meryl Streep and Ellen Burstyn. Fashion bellwether Sarah Jessica Parker also opted for on-the-ear diamonds, while Charlize Theron wore small studs, but many diamond bracelets. Diamond chandeliers were still seen, most notably on Mary Louise Parker. Jennifer Lopez opted for an enormous pair of diamond-encrusted doorknocker earrings.

Some non-diamond jewelry was showcased. Long colored gem briolette earrings were worn by Diane Lane and Uma Thurman, and Diane Keaton wore a long string of white pearls over her all-white, long coat over a poufy skirt ensemble, which also included gloves. The only stand-out necklace was a classic sparkling diamond riviera worn by Queen Latifah.

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