DTC Plans Anniversary Push

February 9, 2004

DTC Plans Anniversary Push

The Diamond Trading Co. begins a new marketing campaign in 2004 reminding men to remember their anniversaries by buying their wives diamonds. DTC is earmarking 25% of its total ad dollars to the effort and plans to focus on three-stone rings in the visuals for the new campaign. The Diamond Promotion Service made the announcement at a Feb. 8 breakfast for retailers during the JCK Show in Phoenix, AZ.

For this campaign, the message will be more important than the merchandise, says Diane Warga-Arias, DPS consultant. Retailers attending the event nevertheless suggested DTC consider adding other diamond jewelry icons to the message, including studs and anniversary bands, since these are also common anniversary gifts. Warga-Arias says DTC chose to focus on three-stone rings because of the category's higher average sale price and because women love the rings.

The new campaign was inspired by DTC research which found flat volume sales of diamond anniversary jewelry for the past five years. Yet women desire these gifts. In addition, "there a solid product offering, a compelling consumer message and it's a non-holiday occasion that you can promote year-round," says Warga-Arias. She points out there are 52 million married couples in the U.S. and two-thirds of those women have never received diamond jewelry as a gift for their anniversaries.

Warga-Arias says jewelers should start building excitement for the new campaign by reminding customers through ads and in-store signs to remember their anniversaries. Managers should set sales and learning goals for their associates to drive sales and plan follow-up to measure results. Associates should learn to carefully track their customers' anniversaries so they can send reminders and suggest gifts. When selling diamond jewelry, stores should begin to track whenever a purchase is made for the anniversary occasion. This will help determine what jewelry categories are most popular.

The messages in the new DTC campaign will stress the ideas of partnership and commitment in a marriage, which seem to resonate with women. Men will be pitched a motivating message of love and gratitude. DTC will not focus on particular anniversaries in its promotion; the category will remain appropriate in every year of marriage.

by Peggy Jo Donahue

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