Oscar's Jewelry Winners

March 1, 2004

Oscar's Jewelry Winners

Jewelry at the the 76th Annual Academy Awards said hello to the stiletto, gave the thumbs-up to diamond drops and turned off the lights on the chandeliers. Small diamond drops also made showing. In almost every case, if ears were adorned, necks went bare and vice versa – one exquisite statement was allowed to shine. That shine was generated mostly by diamonds and platinum. While there was an explosion of color on the red carpet, it was almost all in apparel, with few attendees wearing colored gemstones. Much of the sparkle on the red carpet came from dresses – pale gold accented with diamonds or crystals was a favored fabric.

They were newcomers at January's Golden Globes, but the stiletto style dominated the earring choices, closely followed by smallish diamond drops. Stiletto styles featured diamonds and colored gems or pearls. Stiletto wearers included Keisha Castle-Hughes, whose earrings had pearls at the bottom; Holly Hunter's version had gems and beads, Catherine O'Hara's stilettos sparkled with graduated diamonds; Julia Roberts wore the long lean earrings with pearls and diamond-shaped charm on the bottom; and Charlize Theron's stilettos ended in a starburst.

Diamond drops were the more minimal option for adorning the ears, and were worn by Naomi Watts, Patricia Clarkson, Diane Lane and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Kelly Lynch wore gemstone dangles which matched the hue of her steel-blue dress. Chandelier earrings still made the scene, but only looked fresh on a very pregnant Marcia Gay Harden – the scale of the earrings flattered her fuller face and figure.

It wasn't all about earrings. Scarlett Johansson wore a necklace of offset diamonds, while Renee Zellweger opted for a diamond choker. Jamie Lee Curtis wore a Cathy Waterman necklace of marquise-cut gems surrounded by diamonds and Angelina Jolie wore an elaborate mult-tiered necklace of gemstones of mixed color, size and shape.

Peace pins were the message jewelry of choice. Henry Dunay's Dove of Peace was seen on Sir Ben Kingsley, Annette O'Toole, Michael McKean, Annie Lennox and Peter Jackson. Jackson also wore an enamel peace pin, as did Heath Ledger. Singer Alison Krauss performed two nominations for best song, and wore the $2 million diamond encrusted Stuart Weitzman shoes this year.

by Liz Smutko

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