DPS Restructures

March 10, 2004

DPS Restructures

The Diamond Promotion Service is restructuring. It says it's taking this action to better serve the growing and changing needs of the diamond jewelry trade. Effective immediately, the positions of regional directors have been replaced with new specialist positions targeting four areas.

"We are all looking forward to working within a new structure that can better capitalize on the resources of DPS, J. Walter Thompson and the Diamond Trading Co. The new management positions are each very different and will allow the trade to easily access our expertise," says Lynn Diamond, executive director of DPS.

The new management areas are:
• Trade Shows, which will be managed by DPS veteran Bart Boydston, who has a reputation for widespread trade support.
• Alignment Programs and DPS Sales, managed by Mike Sabo, who has successfully promoted DPS products and services for eight years.
• Association Programs, managed by Debbie Hiss, whose long-term relationships with associations have supported her two-year success managing key DPS partnership programs.
• Manufacturer Programs, which will continue to be managed by David Ramirez, who has successfully supervised the participation of manufacturer partners in the Design Gallery at www.adiamondisforever.com.

All new trade management areas will continue to fall within the management responsibility of Robert May, who will additionally manage some key accounts. Diamantaires will continue to be supported by Sheryl Silberg.

The DPS Education structure will continue to be managed by Diane Warga-Arias. Services will increase for integrated custom programs and sales floor support. The delivery of training seminars will be offered at affordable pricing or provided as part of integrated custom programs.

For information about any DPS service or program, contact (800) 370-6789, newyorkdps@jwt.com; dps.org.

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