World Diamond Congress Set for October in New York City

May 24, 2004

World Diamond Congress Set for October in New York City

The Diamond Dealers Club of New York and the Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of Americah will host the 31st World Diamond Congress, which will take place at New York City's Waldorf Astoria Hotel from Oct. 17-20. Related functions will be held elsewhere in Manhattan, including at the headquarters of the United Nations.

The World Diamond Congress serves as the forum of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses general assembly. The three-day event will be international and vertically integrated, with representatives of African, Russian, Canadian and Australian mines invited to join the representatives of diamond bourses and manufacturers from around the world, say organizers.

Two delegations at the WFDB event are expected to take significant steps in joining the organization. The Shanghai Diamond Exchange appears set to join the ranks of WFDB as a full member at the New York City Congress, and the Dubai Diamond Exchange will formally apply for WFDB membership. The Dubai Diamond Exchange is a division of the Dubai Metals and Commodities Center.

The final session of the World Diamond Congress will be held in the Delegates' Lounge at the United Nations. It will include a gala dinner attended by the ambassadors of all the countries involved in the diamond industry.

For more information about the World Diamond Congress, contact Martin Hochbaum, DDC managing director at (212) 869-9777, fax (212) 869-5164; e-mail

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