JCOC Studies eBay Jewelry Shoppers

May 25, 2004

JCOC Studies eBay Jewelry Shoppers

Almost 80% of 2,033 consumers who responded to a survey conducted by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, Paso Robles, CA, have purchased jewelry on eBay. Among those who have, just over one-fifth have done so more than five times, while 30% purchased jewelry from eBay only once.

On average, the most popular dollar ranges spent on an eBay jewelry purchase were between $26-$50 for almost 27%, and $51-$100 for one-fifth of this group. The five most popular styles of jewelry purchased on eBay are rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and watches. More than two-fifths are buying fine jewelry from eBay, while nearly one-third prefer fashion jewelry from this outlet.

Nearly half of eBay jewelry purchasers seek unique jewelry when buying there. Almost one-third of respondents hunt for discount jewelry through overstocks, liquidations and other sources of value-priced items. Close to 12% believe they're purchasing brand name jewelry.

The majority of respondents (more than 60%) believe they purchased jewelry from individuals on eBay, while over 15% were unsure, and nearly 12% think their jewelry was from a retailer. Over one-fifth of eBay jewelry shoppers have purchased or currently purchase jewelry from eBay stores, while over 20% are unsure if they have or not, further supporting the idea that consumers are uncertain about the source of their jewelry items.

Almost half of eBay jewelry shoppers have no preference as to how they purchase items, with respect to bidding or using the "Buy it Now" feature. Close to 40% prefer the traditional auction, while almost 17% would rather buy now. More than 82% of jewelry shoppers on this venue chose PayPal as their preferred method of payment. Respondents were somewhat-to-extremely satisfied with eBay's security and privacy, merchandise variety, prices, product quality, timeliness, and overall experience.

For those respondents who haven't purchased jewelry from eBay, more than half say they prefer to see their jewels in person before buying. Among the other reasons cited: never considering eBay for jewelry, not being familiar with eBay, not having an eBay account, or not finding what they wanted. The most common perceptions of eBay jewelry among this group include convenient, low quality and knock-offs.

For a copy of the full report, contact Marty Hurwitz of MVI Marketing at (805) 239-2994 ext.101; fax 805-239-2947; email mhurwitz@mvimarketing.com; or visit jcoc.info.

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