Expo Will Include Gems and Jewelry

June 8, 2004

Expo Will Include Gems and Jewelry

Expo New York, the flagship trade show of the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, will debut the MJSA Gems & Jewelry Showcase in 2005. Connected to the Expo's traditional halls at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, the showcase will provide premium space and, with its soft-walled booths, an elegant atmosphere for finished jewelry manufacturers and gem dealers,including the American Gem Trade Association Pavilion.

The showcase is expected to dramatically increase the number of Expo exhibitors and buyers, especially since the 2005 show's later dates – March 6-8 – will avoid past conflicts with other trade shows.

"The trade addition of the showcase will enhance Expo New York's reputation as a premier venue for tools and equipment, component parts, gemstones and finished jewelry," says James F. Marquart, MJSA president/CEO. "Finished jewelry and gem dealers will now have an exclusive hall and exquisite surroundings. Equipment and supply exhibitors will have more room to display their products, including the large-scale machinery typically offered by international exhibitors. And buyers will have an even greater selection from which to choose."

The expansion also will allow for live demonstrations of both equipment and processes on the show floor, from computer-controlled casting to laser engraving to the latest stone-setting and gem-carving techniques.

"Now attendees will be able to witness the products they want to purchase in action," says Marquart. "These additions will add another level of excitement to an already bustling show floor."

Established in 1968, Expo New York is the largest U.S. trade show devoted to jewelry manufacturing. For more information about the 2005 show, contact Bruce Coltin, trade show sales manager, at (800) 444-6572, ext. 3023 or bruce@mjsainc.com.

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