CIBJO to Create Social Responsibility Standards

July 21, 2004

CIBJO to Create Social Responsibility Standards

CIBJO, The World Jewellery Confederation, will establish and disseminate standards for corporate social responsibility to be implemented by its member national trade organizations worldwide. The decision was reached following a meeting of CIBJO's Presidential Council on July 13 at CIBJO headquarters in Milan, Italy. CIBJO cites the overriding importance of continued consumer confidence to the future vitality and growth of the jewelry industry worldwide as a reason for its action.

"During the past months, we have been confronted with a number of topics that, when not tackled properly, [could] lead to a loss of consumer confidence in jewelry and severely damage our industry. Most recent examples of such topics are synthetic diamonds [and] money laundering in the diamond and gem trade pipeline," says Gaetano Cavalieri, CIBJO president. He says CIBJO's chief responsibility is the safeguarding of consumer confidence in jewelry products worldwide. "The jewelry industry and trade worldwide need to address, tackle and solve these issues without delay, thus taking them off ... the agenda of industry watchdogs, interest groups and a variety of non-governmental organizations."

Work on CIBJO's ethical principles and practices starts immediately under the auspices of CIBJO's Consumer Confidence Commission, created at the most recent world congress in Bangkok in March. This work will be led by Cavalieri and Matthew Runci, president of Jewelers of America, who as vice president of the commission will manage the work of the project directly. Runci will also serve as spokesman for CIBJO in connection with this effort. He already chairs the CIBJO Ethics Commission. Jewelers of America adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct in February that addresses many issues of corporate, social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

A complete report of CIBJO's efforts will be presented at the next CIBJO Congress, scheduled to be held in Hong Kong, March 4-7, 2005.

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