JSA's Crime Reports

July 27, 2004

JSA's Crime Reports

The Jewelers' Security Alliance , chronicles crimes against the jewelry industry. To see a complete list, go to www.jewelerssecurity.org. Here are a few recent crime reports:

•Two black males dressed as house painters in brand new white overalls and caps, carrying brushes and buckets, went into a retail jewelry store in Emerald Isle, NC, on July 8. They showed guns, tied up the employees and left with a quantity of diamond and gold jewelry in a paint bucket. The store was located in a shopping center packed with beach vacationers on the busiest tourist week of the summer season. Anyone with information is asked to call the Emerald Isle Police Department at (252) 354-2021. JSA also received a report that a similar incident took place in Warsaw, NC, on July 10.

•In June, a person claiming to be in Nigeria sent an e-mail to a retail jeweler in the St. Louis Obispo, CA, area inquiring about gold jewelry, and in a subsequent e-mail placed an order and provided a credit card number. The jeweler shipped the order to Nigeria and also received three more orders from Nigerians who claimed to be related to the person who placed the first order. More than $12,000 in credit card orders were approved and processed. The jeweler became suspicious, however, when he received an e-mail asking for "all the chain you've got." A telephone call to the credit card company revealed the cards were stolen and the transactions fraudulent. JSA has long warned of Nigerian scams, and has more recently warned about the widespread use of the hearing impaired services of phone companies by Nigerian nationals. Suspects claiming to be Nigerians use these hearing impaired services to place fraudulent credit card orders for jewelry to be shipped to Nigeria and sometimes to U.S. locations.

•At 6 a.m. on July 10, burglars used a stolen backhoe to smash into the front of a retail jewelry store in Snellville, GA, with the intention of taking the safe out in the bucket of the backhoe, according to local police. When the burglars realized the safe was not in the front of the store, they rammed the side of the building. The burglars were unsuccessful in getting the safe out of the store, but caused extensive damage to the premises.

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