Tissot's Touch Screen Adds MSN Direct

August 2, 2004

Tissot's Touch Screen Adds MSN Direct

Tissot teamed with Microsoft to create an MSN Direct watch that allows wearers instant access to news, weather, messages, stock listings and more.

Tissot's version uses its own touch-screen technology in which the wearer can access all the features by touching the crystal of the watch. Called the Tissot High-T Smart Watch, it offers wearers the ability to customize various channels of information including calendar appointment reminders and sports, event listings and even the lottery. This information is relayed to the watch by FM radio waves. Each watch has a built-in antenna in the strap and stores the updated data until the wearer touches the crystal. There are a variety of watch faces and time-zones automatically adjust based on location.

Tissot joins Suunto and Fossil as partners with Microsoft using this MSN Direct technology. Tissot, however, is the first to use touch screen technology, which the firm developed several years ago for a collection of its watches.

The Tissot High-T is now in stores and retails for $725, which includes six months of MSN Direct service. The watch will be initially set and made functional by the retailer. Following the initial free period, the MSN Direct service will cost $59.95 per year.

by Michael Thompson

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