ISee2 Cut Evaluation Lauded by De Beers

August 31, 2004

ISee2 Cut Evaluation Lauded by De Beers

ISee2 is a new system that evaluates the cut beauty of round brilliant diamonds and assigns each diamond with a tight, repeatable evaluation. Diamonds that achieve the highest evaluations receive a quality mark retailers can use to brand with their store's name. Select retailers use ISee2 machines to demystify diamond cutting for their customers because they can compare top-quality cut diamonds with other ideal and non-ideal cut diamonds. Retailers also use ISee2-developed marketing to further romance diamonds. An ISee2 Symposium by Overseas Diamonds, the developer of the technology, was held for its member retailers in Orlando, FL, Aug. 27-29, with attendance by press observers. Overseas Diamonds has headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium, and a branch office in Alpharetta, GA.

ISee2 technology consists of a patented diamond analyzer machine, coupled with computers and ISee2 software. This combination allows retailers to share with customers detailed information about the 4Cs as the selling process begins. Retailers can then analyze two diamonds for brilliance, scintillation and symmetry and show differences in cutting between ideal cuts (including AGS Lab's top graded 0 diamonds) and ISee2 quality-marked diamonds.

The technology drew praise from De Beers' Diamond Trading Co. "What we at the DTC like about the ISee2 is its focus on the beauty of a diamond, which moves away from commoditization, and focuses on what is important," says Stephen Lussier, DTC director of consumer marketing, during a video presentation addressing retailers. "Isee2 also gives the retailer a chance to become the expert and to easily discuss the art and science behind cutting. [It] can do this better than other products in the marketplace."

The analyzer captures 15 images of a diamond per second in a variety of diffused lighting conditions. This results in side-by-side images visible on the computer – as well as an objective cut evaluation (scaled from 1-10). Diamonds must achieve an evaluation of 9.00 or above to be quality marked. Quality-marked diamonds, available from Overseas Diamonds, are accompanied by a permanent microscopic (200x) quality mark and serial number placed on the table of the diamond through an ionization process. These marks in the diamond in turn correspond with accompanying independent laboratory certificates. These diamonds receive additional documents that track the original rough diamond's origin, original weights, manufacturer and production date.

Developer David Lapa says DTC's positive recognition is pivotal and adds that his product has also garnered respect among diamond labs including the AGS Lab, the Gemological Institute of America's Gem Trade Laboratory and the HRD Lab. "The ISee2 diamond fits into the top grades of each of those labs," he says. "For these stones, several labs have agreed to [have] the ISee2 logo included in their certificates."

by Robert Weldon, G.G.

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