DTC Launches Forevermark

September 28, 2004

DTC Launches Forevermark

The Diamond Trading Co., the sales and marketing arm of the De Beers Group, formally launched its Forevermark in Hong Kong, initially as a pilot program. The Forevermark inscribed on the table guarantees a diamond is genuine, natural and has not been altered or treated in any way. It will eventually be inscribed on select diamonds sold by DTC, its sightholders, their partners and retailers as a mark of trust for consumers.

"The Forevermark aligns with our long-term strategic objectives in that it provides consumers and jewelers with a simple, secure and cost-effective way to identify a genuine, natural, untreated, ethically sourced and exceptionally crafted diamond," says Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of the De Beers Group. "We expect this assurance in the form of an internationally recognised mark of trust to help catalyse increased demand for diamond jewelry."

The Forevermark is inscribed on select diamonds (0.30 carat and above) using proprietary technology. An individual identification number, cleared by the world's leading laboratories, will accompany the mark. The mark itself is invisible to the naked eye, being 1/20 of a micron deep, 1/500 the width of a human hair. Visible with a special DTC Forevermark viewer, DTC says the mark does not affect the internal [clarity] grade of the diamond. A certificate of authenticity will also accompany the diamonds. "Backed by 115 years of expertise of the same organization that created, and still owns, one of the most widely recognized straplines in the world – 'A Diamond is Forever' – we believe that the DTC Forevermark has a very important role in building and sustaining consumer confidence in natural diamonds," Oppenheimer says.

The six Hong Kong jewelers selected to use the Forevermark program are Chopard, Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook, Just Diamond, Larry Jewelry and Luk Fook, which have a total of 100 jewelry outlets. "Hong Kong is well positioned to serve as the first-ever market where Forevermarked diamonds are made available to consumers on a large scale. It also has many quality, proactive retailers and highly discerning, brand-aware consumers," says Stephen Lussier, DTC executive director of marketing. "We will continue to assess the success of the Forevermark pilot in Hong Kong and we are very keen to take what we learn from the pilot to inform what we hope will be a gradual rollout strategy for the Forevermark. We view the possible rollout of the Forevermark to the Greater China region as a natural progression because of geographic proximity and cultural affinity, which allow for considerable synergies in terms of marketing efforts."

by Robert Weldon, G.G.

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