JVC Launches Web Site Check

January 25, 2005

JVC Launches Web Site Check

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee launches its Web Site Compliance Check, a new membership benefit program to evaluate JVC members' websites for legal compliance. Web Site Compliance Check was created to help members produce online advertising and marketing campaigns that are in full compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that also apply to catalog sellers and brick-and-mortar stores. Web Site Compliance Check is free of charge to all JVC members and is effective immediately.

"In 2004, JVC received a number of complaints from consumers and trade about faulty online ads for fine jewelry. After reviewing numerous jewelry web sites, we developed a new compliance program to review the websites of prospective JVC members," says Cecilia Gardner, JVC executive director and general counsel. "We reviewed jewelry websites representing a cross-section of the industry and discovered a pattern of common online advertising mistakes, prompting us to offer our new website compliance program to all JVC members."

Using Web Site Compliance Check, JVC will identify advertising and compliance problems and explain the proper application of the rules to the site's owner. Upon competition of the review, members will receive a written report outlining any problems found on the site. Should a member require additional guidance, a one-on-one consultation for a nominal fee can be scheduled.

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