CEO Leaves EGL USA to Start New Lab

March 23, 2005

CEO Leaves EGL USA to Start New Lab

Mark Gershburg left EGL USA March 11 to open his own gem lab in New York City. Gershburg was CEO of EGL USA, and had been there for 22 years, starting as a grader.

Gershburg's new lab, Gemological Science International, will be located at 581 Fifth Avenue and is scheduled to open in early summer. Joining him from EGL USA will be Debbie Azar as executive vice president.

"Leaving EGL USA was a very difficult decision. I thoroughly enjoyed working with its fine staff, who helped me grow EGL USA into what it is today," said Gershburg. "But I'm an entrepreneur, and it was time to move on and do my own thing. Debbie and I and the team we are assembling look forward to the challenges of developing a new lab for the 21st century that will meet the expanding needs of our industry."

Contact Gershburg at (917) 701-0907 or

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