PGI Launches Bridal Resource for Men

April 21, 2005

PGI Launches Bridal Resource for Men

Platinum Guild International-USA will launch a separate online bridal resource for men this May, along with a new section for women on its existing consumer website. The two new resources are designed to drive discerning bridal consumers into retail stores to purchase platinum jewelry.

"The Complete Engagement Guide" is a website designed to speak directly to men as they begin their search for engagement rings. In 2003, an independent study conducted for PGI-USA revealed that men search for factual information about all the elements of the ring (FloResearch, 2003). On the site, men can learn all about the anatomy of an engagement ring from the diamond to the setting, with information on why platinum is a superior choice for a setting and wedding band. They can also view popular platinum engagement ring styles, understand how to buy a ring in a retail store and even get tips for proposing. Men can reach the guide by visiting The site is scheduled to launch in May.

For women, the newest "Platinum Bride" section of PGI-USA's consumer website,, provides information for the woman planning to be engaged or already on her way to the altar. "Platinum Bride" offers four sections of information that meet the needs of women who are looking for education on platinum and diamonds, personal engagement stories from couples who married and chose platinum, a selection of platinum wedding bands, tips on nudging the man to her platinum ring of choice, a comprehensive directory of platinum jewelry manufacturers and retailers and an interactive section that allows visitors to view popular ring choices.

"We are pleased to provide our newest online resources aimed at turning the record high levels of consumer desire for platinum jewelry into bottom line sales," says Huw Daniel, president of PGI-USA. "The creation of these two new online resources comes from PGI-USA's recognition of the importance of the bridal category – her engagement ring and his and her wedding band – to the platinum jewelry industry. Today's bridal ring purchases are influenced by both the man and the woman, thus creating a need for resources that speaks both their languages."

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