OGI Will Include GIA Cut Grade Too

May 31, 2005

OGI Will Include GIA Cut Grade Too

OGI Systems will incorporate the new Gemological Institute of America cut grading system, it announced May 24 (Sarin Technologies, another diamond measuring device manufacturer, announced the same news May 16). This will allow manufacturers, dealers, retailers and appraisers to predict a cut grade before their diamonds are sent to the GIA Gem Laboratory for grading services.

OGI also announced that its Megascope software is now available and supports the AGS Laboratories' performance grading software for AGS Members only.

OGI Systems specializes in the development and manufacture of systems for determining the optimal yield from a rough diamond; laser systems for marking and cutting rough stones; automated systems for measuring and analyzing polished stones; laser systems for inscribing on the diamond's girdle; and technology that will enhance sales in jewelry stores.

The company will demonstrate its new software and systems at the JCK Show in Las Vegas, Booth No. 60603.

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