JSA Warns Jewelers of Three-Minute Burglaries

June 2, 2005

JSA Warns Jewelers of Three-Minute Burglaries

The end of May saw a spate of three-minute burglaries, reports the Jewelers' Security Alliance. On May 31 in Edinburgh, IN, a crew of six, wearing masks and gloves, broke through the front door of a retail jewelry store at 4:29 a.m. They smashed 17 showcases, and swept the contents into garbage bags. Suspects were in and out in one minute and 29 seconds.

On May 21, burglars performed similar crimes in the middle of the night in Jacksonville, FL, by smashing a window and in Rogers, AR, by smashing the front door.

JSA says that since three-minute burglaries are frequent, jewelers should not leave merchandise out overnight nor cover showcases with cloth which can signal that goods are being hidden there. Follow your in-safe warranty, but even for low-end goods, do not leave jewelry merchandise in sight. Put these goods away in a locked drawer or inexpensive safe.

by Peggy Jo Donahue

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