JSA Reports Flood of Fast Burglaries

June 23, 2005

JSA Reports Flood of Fast Burglaries

It's never been more important for jewelers to take all inventory out of their showcases at night and store it securely elsewhere. In the past three weeks, at least seven stores around the country have been burglarized easily and quickly, due to jewelers leaving merchandise in showcases, reports the Jewelers' Security Alliance.

On June 21 at 12:30 a.m. In Irondequoit, NY, one or more suspects drove a red SUV through the front door of a large discount store, drove to the jewelry counter and took jewelry merchandise.

In Portland, OR, at 2:10 a.m., June 21, three masked men wearing gloves cut a hole in the gate of a mall retail jewelry store. The suspects used crowbars to pry open seven showcase doors, took merchandise and were gone in less than two minutes.

In North Attleboro, MA, on June 20, the gate of a mall retail jewelry store was cut at 10:30 p.m. The doors were pried off showcases and merchandise taken.

On June 15 in Green Bay, WI, burglars broke into a retail jewelry store at 4:36 a.m. through a back door, smashed showcases and fled with jewelry. Police arrived within a minute of the alarm going off, but the burglars had already left.

Another Green Bay, WI, incident took place on June 14, when, at 5:13 a.m., burglars forced the door of a retail jewelry store and were in and out ģin a matter of secondsē according to police. The burglars grabbed what they could and fled before police arrived.

In Lees Summit, MO, on June 11, burglars broke into a retail jewelry store through a rear window during the night and stole product. The alarm did not sound.

In Buffalo Grove, IL, on June 4, burglars threw a rock through the front window of a retail jewelry store. Six burglars came in and smashed showcases, damaged a computer and took a substantial amount of merchandise.

So-called "three minute burglaries" can strike any retail jewelry store anywhere in the country, says JSA. The only effective solution to prevent a loss of jewelry merchandise through such a burglary is to put all merchandise into a safe overnight.

Jewelers should also give thought to other crime-prevention steps, says JSA, such as metal gates, burglary-resistant glass on doors and windows, good locks and extensive lighting. These steps may help discourage three-minute burglaries.

by Peggy Jo Donahue

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