Chris Aire to Stage Second Annual Jewelry Runway Show

August 23, 2005

Chris Aire to Stage Second Annual Jewelry Runway Show

Jewelry designer Chris Aire will host his second annual jewelry fashion show in New York City on Sept. 13, 2005 to coincide with Spring Fashion Week. The event wil showcase the Chris Aire Jewelry Collection and is the only show highlighting jewelry as the main attraction on the runway.

Statement pieces to be unveiled at the show include ashort dress created of Aire's exclusive karat Red Gold® with platinum and diamonds and a stunning full-length Red Gold and diamond dress. There is also a Red Gold binnie hat that consists of 10,000 individually hand-rolled, hand-soldered links that are then hand-woven together.

Aire will debut his new colored gemstone collection of rubies, emeralds, blue topaz and other gemstones set in Red Gold and platinum. There will also be new Tahitian and South Sea pearl creations. One statement piece is a platinum and diamond Aire Lariat made of 5-ct. diamonds, for a total weight of more than 350 carats.

Aire's jewelry will be modeled by athletes, celebrities and supermodels. The surprise musical performer of the night will use an authentic 1940s microphone Aire is bedecking entirely in diamonds.

The Chris Aire jewelry collection retails from $300 to $30,000, with specialty pieces ranging higher.

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