OroAmerica and Michael Anthony Ex-Execs Form New Firm

September 12, 2005

OroAmerica and Michael Anthony Ex-Execs Form New Firm

Guy Benhamou, former president of OroAmerica, and Claudia Hollingsworth, former president of Michael Anthony and senior vice president of OroAmerica, announced at Orogemma in Vicenza that they have formed a new company to assist U.S. retailers in buying direct from manufacturers. The name of their firm is Global Jewelry Sourcing.

The company will bring selected factories together with the largest American retailers to develop direct import programs. "Our mission is to assist factories understand the requirements of the American retailers and for those factories to implement them accordingly. We will give the factories design direction resulting into new and fresh products for American consumers," said Benhamou.

"A direct import program is a must for retailers to increase their profitability. It is not a coincidence that the largest and most successful retailers already have direct import programs in place," said Hollingsworth.

The Global Jewelry Sourcing team includes: Paola Zizola, vice-president for European operations, Paola Valentini, creative director, and David Wu, vice-president for quality assurance and vice-president for Asian operations. "This is a team with deep knowledge of the American market; their expertise and prior experience at OroAmerica will prove invaluable for our factory members and for American retailers," said Claudia Hollingsworth.

Global Jewelry Sourcing has headquarters in New York and offices in Los Angeles and Vicenza. Retailers can contact: Claudia Hollingsworth, Global Jewelry Sourcing, New York City; (212) 319 7206, claudia@goldbrandsinc.com.

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