Best Business Practices Conference for Secondary Market

October 5, 2005

Best Business Practices Conference for Secondary Market

Diamdel, a De Beers Group company, and the Diamond Jewellery and Management Institute will hold a conference at Hof Van Liere, University of Antwerp, on Oct. 17, 2005. The Diamdel Diamond Conference will address education and promotion of best business practices for the "secondary market" – the non-sightholder contingent of the diamond industry. So far, efforts to bring best business practices have concentrated on education of sightolders within the Diamond Trading Co.'s Supplier of Choice strategy.

"The Diamdel Diamond Conference reflects very clearly Diamdel's core intention to encourage entrepreneurial flair within the secondary industry and the passion of the De Beers Group for playing an immediately tangible role in helping to enhance the sustainability of small businesses within centers such as Antwerp," said James Nicholson, Diamdel communications manager. "The Diamdel Diamond Conference aims to offer an important opportunity for key thought leaders and industry experts to present on matters relating to Best Practice both within and outside the global diamond industry."

Topics and speakers at the conference are scheduled to include:
• "Conflict Diamonds," Alex Yearsley of Global Witness.
• "Diamond Development Initiative," Simon Gilbert, De Beers Group.
• "Ethics and Good Governance," Christian Leysen, Chairman of AXE Group.

"In our view, it is the responsibility of all of us within the global diamond trade to remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, and in such a way that business, social and environmental considerations are central to each decision made,˛ said Frank Auger, managing director of Diamdel, Antwerp.

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